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Hi, I'm Michael Toomey. It's nice to meet you.

I am an Interactive Producer and Digital Project Manager, located in Los Angeles, CA. I work with artists, designers, videographers, marketers, and programmers to tell stories and create memorable digital experiences. I have experience building and leading interdisciplinary teams made up of members with diverse skills and working styles.

I have recently relocated back to Los Angeles, after an 18-month project management position at the University of Connecticut Digital Media Center. While with the UCONN DMC, I was fortunate to work with a team of 15 artists and programmers to build a large-scale interactive media wall. During our early research, we learned that no one had yet built an interactive wall at the scope that we had planned. It was a technical and creative challenge, and through much research, development, testing, and iteration, we rose to the occasion and created an immersive experience to be proud of that both our users and our clients loved. (See a more detailed description in the "Projects" section.)

It is my belief that truly great digital experiences are built by teams, not individuals. Being an effective interactive producer requires the ability to work with a diverse team and create an environment for success. Artists, programmers, and business types often think, speak, and approach problems differently. As a producer/project manager it is my job to keep the team focused, positive, and productive. This is done through constant communication. It is important to be both a leader and a collaborator. I am comfortable in both these roles and my ability to transition between them.


What does an Interactive Producer do?

An interactive producer is the person ultimately responsible for bringing a digital project to life. From concept creation to delivery, the interactive producer is involved in and oversees every step of the creative and technical process. As an interactive producer, I have been deeply involved in the following processes:

Project Management

My project management experience includes leading a 15-person team to produce a large-scale interactive media wall. My role included leading and documenting weekly design meetings, bi-weekly product demos, managing and testing hardware installation, and keeping the programming team on track. I acted as the hub between our client, designers, programmers, and technology integration partners. While I had and performed the duties in my job description, my job was really to do whatever needed to be done to move the project to the next level.

UX Design

I approach every project from a user experience standpoint. The prettiest design and most efficient code is wasted if the project does not engage the user and solve a real problem. Whether it's an ecommerce site, an artist's portfolio, or an immersive experience, every project must be built with the end user in mind. My UX workflow includes sketching, user research, developing personas, wireframing, creating flow charts, prototyping, user testing, and iteration. I am currently focusing on improving my UX education and increasing my UX focused project experience, as I believe UX is a very important aspect of product design and will only become more important in the future.

Front-End Development

I have been developing website front ends since the early 2000's. From the days of Flash (back when it was Macromedia) and Actionscript-driven interactions, to HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. From table based layouts, to Foundation and Bootstrap. From XML-driven Flash sites to Wordpress as a CMS. From slicing and aligning images in tables, to CSS drop shadows. I enjoy keeping up with the web development trends, for both client and personal projects. I have recently transitioned into a producer/project manager focus, but am able to get into the code when necessary (including coding from scratch) and can speak the front-end language fluently with designers and coders.

Video Production

I have experience producing digital videos, from a nationally televised commercial, to web promos. I have been involved in every aspect of video production from preproduction to post and delivery. Whether it be developing the filming and editing process for a 24-camera GoPro time-slice shoot, assisting on commercial shoots, or producing and editing web videos, I enjoy the entire video production process.

Digital Strategy

Build "cool things" and they will come? Those days are gone. Digital Strategy involves building the right things for the right audience, to deliver the right message at the right time, through the right channel. While there is trial and error, it is not "spray and pray." I've worked with authors, artists, and small businesses to help them learn and connect with their audiences in meaningful ways. I have recently begun to focus heavily on the skills and strategy of growth hacking, as I feel this will be a major component of any digital product moving forward.


The team required to make meaningful digital products or experiences is a diverse team of designers, programmers, writers, and strategists. Each of these people brings different skills to the table, and each brings his or her own way of thinking, problem solving, and communicating. My approach is to learn the working habits of each of my team members and do everything I can to provide them with the environment to succeed and excel within the team. Every person handles the highs and lows of working on a big project differently, and I try to learn the best way to keep each individual happy, motivated, and productive. I also find that taking the time to learn each member's work and communication style allows me to help members of the team to communicate more effectively with each other.


Here are some recent projects that I've worked on:

Interactive Media Wall

Large-scale immersive experience.

Time-Slice Video Production

Nationally televised UCONN PSA commercial.

Wordpress site server migration and custom template modifications.

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I am available for hire to work on site in Los Angeles, CA. Willing to travel for exciting projects.

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